Q: Is training or coaching included with my membership? 

A: Unfortunately it's not a part of any membership, however it is a service and we have a list of really great coaches who would be more than happy to help you meet your goals. 

Q: What are your staffed hours?  

A: Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 7 pm. If you'd like to schedule a tour outside of those hours, feel free to request an appointment through our contact page!

Q: How do I use the gym if no one is there? 

A: We give you a key-code and show you how to work the music and the lights. Afterwards you use the key-code to get in and turn on the music and the lights. Then, proceed to work on thy fitness. 

Q: Do you have showers? 

A: We are in the process of working towards improving our changing room experience. Currently, we have A shower and co-ed dressing rooms. Soon, we will have separate changing rooms with 2 showers in each room. 

Q: Do you have a sauna?

A: Sometimes. A few weeks out of every summer we turn the whole place into a sauna, for free!

Q: Do your coaches work with the aging?

A: Yes, our coaches work with a large array of clients and many of them are over 60 years young.  

Q: Do you have sweat towels. 

A: We do not, but you're welcome to bring one.

Q: Am I able to suspend my membership? 

A: Because membership suspensions are very costly for most gyms, especially smaller, more boutique gyms like ours, we are unable to offer membership suspensions. However, wildland firefighters and other industries that require employees to be absent from their home for long periods of time may pay a $25 Holding fee on their membership for up to 6 months before their standard membership payments kick back in. While in Hold status the member may use the gym 2 times during the month. None of the months in Holding will apply towards your overall contract. 

Q: Can I use chalk? 

A: Yes. Even better, MUST members are great at keeping it in the bowl and on the bar.

Q: If I workout at MUST GYM will I get stronger and more awesome? 

A: Yes, of course you will you sexy beast.