Road to Strength Youth Program

  • What is Road to Strength?

    The Road to Strength Program offers youth a direct route to maximizing their potential. Each athlete is given a functional movement screen to safely assess their current developmental skill, functional movement, and critical dysfunction leading to potential injury.

    Once the athlete is assessed, a detailed strength and corrective program is designed for them and they are lead through the training with precision and expert guidance.
  • What is a Functional Movement Screen?

    There is no greater need for any athlete when approaching a strength program than an effective and accurate screening process. Every year we witness young athletes being thrown into programs that are far from what their bodies are asking for.

    By performing a functional movement screen, our trainers have the opportunity to find your athlete's critical dysfunction patterns and quickly correct them, providing your athlete the best possible experience, and the best potential growth platform that they can ask for.
  • Why choose Road to Strength?

    Students are taught step by step the proper approach to warm ups, soft tissue release, dynamic mobility, neuromuscular activation, high-energy systems work, compound and olympic weight-lifting, sprinting mechanics and plyometrics.

    Each student begins at a progressive model that fits their needs and a student never performs movements or activities that far outweigh their personal capacity.

    We believe that weight-lifting and proper training techniques are critical for helping young athletes achieve the next level of competition in today's highly competitive athletic industry. The Road to Strength is the best, most cost-effective method of getting your child the proper attention they need to accelerate to their peak performance.

    There's no better time for busy students to prepare for upcoming seasons than now, and there's no better opportunity than the Road to Strength.

    Here, athletes get 10 WEEKS of focused athletic training for the cost of a typical 1 week 'Speed Camp'. Your athlete will move better, run faster, jump higher, lift harder, and greatly decrease their risk of injury by the end of this program, guaranteed.
  • About the Road to Strength Founder

    Michael Scialabba, owner of MUST, has been a 3 time feature program designer for Men's Fitness Magazine, and has created multiple strength and conditioning programs for STACK magazine's Gatorade Performance Training Center.

    He has performed over 14,000 training sessions and has sent over 40 HS Athletes on to play collegiate sports. Michael has spent the last 3 years dedicated to opening a facility that caters to the optimal development of young athletes without the painful sting to the parent's pocket book.

    That mission has now been accomplished and the world of athletic development in Missoula, Montana is about to change.

    Michael also serves as the Missoula Maulers Strength Coach where he is responsible for all aspects of strength and conditioning of over 25 high-level hockey players.

Athletic Development Course - Ages 10-12
  • Introduce strong fundamental movement patterns
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Teaching proper set up and mechanics
  • Correcting dysfunction
  • Price is for 8 Weeks
  • Open enrollment. Pricing will be prorated

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Youth Clinics
  • 3 Camps to choose from
  • Monday-Friday - June 22nd-June 26th
  • Monday-Friday - July 13th-July 17th
  • Monday-Friday - August 10th-August 14th
  • Ages 10 and up

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