ADC – Athletic Development and Conditioning

The times have changed....

Getting athletes in peak condition is more important now than it ever has been. Research shows that competitors who lack the proper athletic foundation have an increased risk of plateauing, burning out, and most importantly, injury. Don’t let your developing athlete take an unnecessary risk by not performing at their best.

Athletics are based on a series of complex movements that should stem from first mastering the body’s fundamental movement patterns before loading them up with weights. Similarly to how we learn to crawl before we can walk, youth athletes need to learn how to control their bodies before more complex training can take place like Olympic lifting and traditional barbell work.

ADC will advance your athlete

Young athletes are in perfect position to grow into their bodies by building their core strength, developing proper muscular activation, and improving coordination, IF they train appropriately. Movement specific training helps athletes become more efficient in their sport by establishing the mechanics of running, jumping, stopping, and cutting. Most importantly, it will decrease their risk of injury on the field or court and maximize their ability to recover from their rigorous schedules. Your athlete will not only become a better athlete, they will gain invaluable exposure to a training environment which will help them begin to understand what it takes to make healthy, proactive choices.

ADC Athletes will gain an edge on the competition, stay healthy, and begin to understand the importance of putting in the extra work necessary to succeed. Stay a step ahead of the competition by enrolling student athlete into ADC ASAP!

Who is it for?

7th, 8th, 9th grade traditional or non-traditional students.

When is it happening?

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4 pm – 5 pm

How much does it cost?


Registration is limited.

Contact Evan Claxton by phone, text, or email @ (406) 281-2635 / [email protected] or, email us through this contact page and Evan will get in touch with you to help your athlete become a registered participant with ADC!

Enroll today to ensure your students physical and movement well-being for life!