Personal Training

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Although we find our MUSTFIT group training program appropriate for majority of our clients, we understand that some individuals not only need, but simply want the additional attention and supervision that a personal trainer has to offer, and our trainers at MUST are happy to be available for you.

What is MUST Personal Training?

MUST Personal Training allows each individual the experience of one-on-one training, without the distraction of training in a group or class setting. Our highly qualified trainers will dedicate their time and expertise to ensure that each client participates in proper pre-workout muscle activation, proper form and function during strength training and cardio exercises, and proper post-exercise stretching to avoid injury.

Many personal trainers underestimate the importance of an effective pre-screening process. During your first personal training session, you will be required to undergo a functional movement screen, allowing our trainers to evaluate your current fitness level and uncover any critical dysfunction patterns that need to be corrected, you will then be acquainted with our facilities and our equipment. At MUST we find that a thorough introduction allows you to put your best foot forward in reaching your goals.

After your initial assessment and orientation, one of our trainers will create a unique personalized strength training program to suit your individual needs, and help you reach your ultimate fitness goals!