What is Strength Camp?

Strength Camps are low-cost, high-quality training opportunities which offer each client individual assessments, programs, and movement coaching at highly discounted rates in comparison to personal training. Strength Camps are like 'open gym', but with individual fitness programming and coach to guide you through it during the coaching windows.

How do I get started?

Simply make contact with one of the Camp coaches and set up a time to get registered and assessed. From there you just show up during the Camp hours and the coach you registered with will have a program for you to follow and will coach you through it. MUST offers a discounted rate while participating as a Strength Camp client, and currently you must be a member of the gym to register.

Do it!

It's like happy hour for personal training! If you're interested in getting started, email us through the contact form or call 406.396.4026 to be directed to a coach.

Current Strength Camps

Evan Claxton Lifestyle and Performance MWF 6 am - 8:30 am

Evan Aubrey Fitness LLC MWF 4 pm - 6:30 pm