Our Staff

Paul started working for MUST in the Spring of 2014. A Montana native, he has spent most of his life being involved in outdoor sports and athletics and in 2010 he began pursuing a career in strength and fitness. From 2010 - 2013 Paul spent countless hours mentoring friends and clients, honing in his fitness level and skills while developing his own personal brand, Warrior House Fitness.

In the Fall of 2013 Paul was beginning an internship at MUST and by the Spring of 2014 he was working as a MUSTFIT Supervisor Assistant.

Paul will start 2016 as a Level II IKFF-CKT Kettlebell Instructor and a MUST Personal Trainer with over 5000 hours of professional coaching experience.

Paul is available for 1 on 1 Personal Training and MITTFIT (30 min sparring) coaching sessions by request.

Evan began an internship at MUST in January of 2015 while finishing his degree is Exercise Science at the University of Montana. Evan quickly found himself a home and a community at MUST that he not only loved, but one that loved him back. Soon after Evan finished his internship at MUST he began working as a MUSTFIT Coach, and now works as a near full-time Coach and Personal Trainer.

Evan is continuously feeding his hunger for knowledge and has been on the road to becoming a Physical Therapist for the last several years. Evan has an extensive background in volunteering and aiding in medical and outpatient rehabilitation services, and other fitness and health organizations. Evan has a genuinely instinctive nature of helping others and serving his community.

An experienced athlete and coach; Evan is NSCA-CSCS certified and available for One on One Personal Training and Semi-Private Personal Training at the Missoula Urban Strength Training center.

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.” Evan’s favorite quote from Miyamoto Musashi is one you’ll find perfectly describes Evan as an individual. A well studied and dedicated martial artist, Evan has been coaching movements and being coached by movements most of his life. Studying independently and with an array of legendary coaches, Evan brings a skillset to our facility that has never entered our doors before. Teaching mindfulness through movement, Evan is deeply passionate about unlocking a person’s ability to grow individually through physical and mental challenges that can be created in the gym, or out.

Evan achieved his Bachelors in Photo Journalism at the University of Montana and has spent the majority of his life creating an awareness of the world through philosophy and discovery. Evan is dedicated to a life of growth and development not only for himself, but for others as well. Evan comes to us a married man in the middle of building his very own tiny home. NASM Certified and highly experienced in coaching and training, Evan is one of only 3 MUSTFIT floor coaches and MITTFIT Instructors.

Evan is available for MITTFIT, One on One and Semi-Private Personal Training at the Missoula Urban Strength Training Center.