MUST is like a strength training dojo for weight lifting and movement enthusiasts. Our members have 24 hour access and lots of room to roam, or, swing, snatch, sprint, climb, crawl, jump, throw, lift, etc. We like open spaces and the ability to focus on our training. Members leave the gym how they found it and maintain a certain degree of personal responsibility for the club. For example, they rack their weights and put their things back. Chalk stays in the bowl and on the bar and we keep our germs to ourselves by cleaning up our sweat. It's amazing.

MUST has been an ever changing, ever growing, and ever evolving gym and business model. Birthed from the depths of ambition MUST has continually found itself a landmark in the world of strength, fitness, and health.

MUST is as much a coaching center for the developing human as it is a training sanctuary for the silent tenured warrior. There is typically always a coach on the floor working with a client or 10, however memberships do not include coaching of any kind. Coaching/personal training is most certainly available upon request with any of our coaches.

Other than a sales rep, coaches, and janitors, there is no other staff and there is no front desk attendant lurking around to give you a hard time, lucky. We use a call service so be nice to them, they're good people. They'll try to connect you and if you're not connected to a sales rep, please leave a message with them and consider using the contact platform on this page as it often speeds up communication efforts on both ends.

We don't offer towels and we likely never will. You are more than welcome to bring one though, everybody's doin' it. There's no juice bar and there's nothing to buy other than access to the gym and coaching, for now. There is wifi and there are tables to sit at and kick-it, lucky. There are lots of cleaning rags for you to use regularly as you migrate through your workout and there are clean, co-ed dressing rooms with one private shower.

Sign up and tours are by appointment, however once you're registered you'll have 24 hour access. You are welcome to try to stop by anytime Monday - Friday. If the door is unlocked then someone is there. Otherwise please use the contact form and schedule a super-fun visit! We use ZEP and KIRBY on daily basis. It's clean, for a gym, and it's a warehouse gym, not a health club so please keep that in mind. It get's hot.

The music in MUST is ever changing, usually fast and kind of loud. We encourage headphones for members that have a very specific music preference. It helps.

Our Location

736 Cooper St.
Missoula, MT 58902