About MUST

UST is a grassroots Missoula Training Facility bulit for individuals that desire a more intensive, results oriented environment.

Whether you're a busy mom, a high school or college athlete, or just someone who wants to lose fat and get back in shape, our fun and effective training center offers dramatic results for the motivated individual.

MUST was designed to offer individuals a workout environment that had one thing in mind, results - fast, safe, and effective. In order to create a facility that offered such an environment, it was necessary to offer several different training modalities, and to also eliminate potential hazards to those results. With MUST, we feel like we've done this very well.

Getting Started

Currently, if you're interested in obtaining a membership, we ask that you set up an initial appointment in order to get fully informed and familiar with our setting. This is sometimes done in a group setting. We are a small gym, and we don't run a large staff. You can call (406) 396-4026 or fill out the adjacent form to schedule a visit.

If you're serious about either wanting to change your body and mind, or simply continue your forward progress towards the way you move, look, and feel then you absolutely need to check out the Missoula Underground Strength Training Center for a different style of meeting your fitness needs.

Membership & Training Options: