Bootcamp Missoula is MUST’s way of saying, we love you.

We have found that when people come together in a positive environment and all strive towards the same goal, success becomes inevitable; and that’s what we want for you: Success.

Bootcamp Missoula is a challenging, 60 minute workout that utilizes every bit of your body to get up, get down, and get it done – fast and effective.

Bootcamp is always at MUST GYM, every other Saturday at 9:30 am and open to anyone willing to try.

We provide a DJ and an instructor – you provide the effort.

If you’re currently experiencing pain in your joints, muscle strains, or any other condition that may prevent you from working out without pain, we STRONGLY encourage you to get medical clearance from your doctor before participating.

Bootcamp involves a great deal of jumping, lunging, planking and squats.

This is NOT a LOW-IMPACT routine.

Come leave it on the floor with us every other week and see what Bootcamp Missoula is all about!

Check out the Class schedule below by clicking the link.


Michael Scialabba is a father, fitness enthusiast, writer, coach, and the Founder and Director of MUST LLC, author and inventor of MUSTFIT Training Systems. Designer of all things MUST.

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